Blot, the plotter bot
from Hack Club
Write a program that creates art and we'll send you* a CNC machine that can draw it.
Get started making art!
Get stickers for free
(*Must be a teenager to receive a free machine.)
How do I get Blot?
Code an art piece.
Get started with our guide.
Submit it to the gallery.
Submission rules here.
Get your parts in the mail.
Build your own machine.
We built everything from scratch, with ❤️, and open source.
Custom editor for pen plotter art with vector drawing library, direct manipulation widgets, a split screen code/visualizer, and direct from browser machine control.
CNC you build yourself made of six 3D printed parts, and standard DIY machine building design patterns (aluminum extrusion, delrin v-wheels, flanged bearing idlers...).
Custom control board and firmware so you can understand what goes on in the brains of the machine.
Much thanks to..
In addition to helping people learn to program by making art with technology, Blot was made to introduce people to using computers to make physical things. It was developed with support from MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms as part of ongoing efforts to democratize digital fabrication machines.

It's situated among projects such as Machines That Make, Fabricatable Machines, and most recently Modular Things.

Also thanks to Paul Hamilton for his contributions to embedded designs.